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the aristocracy is Jewish

the jews married into the aristocracy

Hah, you called it a "person"!

remember, this "sex operation"... is an attempt to destroy asian/caucAsian cultures worldwide by the rogue "country" of shitsrael and their dirty alliance with the traitorous cia... !!!

Reminder that Liz the Queen Parasite was implicated in the disappearance of a group of young girls in the 60's.

not only that, during her "reign"... she completely, incompetently, handed over the country to subsaharan-african-cannibals... and yet she remains clueless?!...

She's not clueless. She chugs down adrenochrome with the rest of them.

she's a female with ovaries who are subject to extreme psychological-spatial-distortions(like a man being drunk), greatest during ovulation, meaning it is challenging for ovulating females to distinguish reality from fantasy and easily corrupted by psyop-gaslighting-shitsrael-medias... this is why shitsrael pushes for the feminization of foreign cultures while wisely keeping the correct order in their "tribes"...!!!

While I do not want to defend or give anything for that POS, blinking is NOT a reliable indicator that a person is lying. I have spent some hours studying / researching this.