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Oh they do quite a bit more than that.

Again, though, how do we delineate precisely where the fault lies be it between the careless women and their clearly horrid parents, or the Jews convincing these young women to have sex with niggers for money?

Also, I firmly believe prostitution should be legal. Unfortunately, I'm extremely paranoid about degeneration of pair bonding, as you should all be, which means I'm insanely skeptical about such a prospect because I can't help but see inevitable degeneration emerging from a scenario involving legalization of prostitution.

I guess this means I'm torn.
See, women wanted responsibility, but now we've stopped giving it to them? That's a mistake. Let the feminists die off, as harsh as that sounds. Still, there's tons of women that don't really have many options in the world. After all, women outnumber men. So, some of them, numerically speaking have to be whores.

There are no convictions. There are kidnappings and kidnappings by thousands of children in the US every year and the satanic Jew is behind. Food, blood libel, pornography, blood rituals, organ trafficking


I fully understand this. The problem, however, stems from this being a two fold issue.

The way I see it, this issue can be confronted on both ends. It's like, are the careless whores to blame, or the scheming fucks that only really desire to take advantage of other people so that a third party deteriorates?
This is one area I always struggle to come to some conclusion on. Do we blame the apathetic whores who don't consider their future, or do we blame the very people that seek out that archetype, exploit it and ultimately use it to take aim at their true intentions?

Regardless, I don't see anything wrong with outlawing pornography. The problem, however, is that blackmail is still to rampant and too public for such an occurrence to become all that meaningful.
Don't get me wrong, I'm just as disappointed as the next person. Trafficking, as opposed to prostitution, should be vilified beyond the typical capacity. On that, we couldn't possible agree any more.

Let's start shutting down gun manufacturers and holding their executives accountable for mass shootings, too! Ban it all!

Who do you think offers people money to find young women that fit the proper archetype, so they can offer them money to be whores?


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Get rid of copyright generally and all of this goes away. Media doesn't need to have value. Before copyright existed, people created things for the virtue of the thing created. In that era we got the Bible, "letters to a German princess" which is the base of our math curriculum today, The Wealth of Nations, almost all of John Locke, Common Sense, The Prince (and the rest of Machiavelli), classical music.

Without copyright we never had human trafficking media, rap music, Jerry Springer. The product of copyright is a compost pile of trash.

Universities are going to have to provide useful material if they want to charge tuition, so you don't need text book copyright. The university business model depends on providing material. At thousands in tuition per year they will find a way to make books. Probably by directing grad students to contribute to creative commons works.


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I understand the "porn is bad" sentiment here, but this is just fucking retarded, why don't we start holding gun makers accountable for people shooting other people with them or car manufacturers because someone decided to drive one drunk while we're at it.

Would be nice if something would actually come of this, but it won't.

Isn't this a Soros subsidiary site? I think change.org is a honeypot, linkage collection site.

Building awareness in people so they have the tools to rise above these carnal traps is essential. If we ban porn, then we'll just end up with things that are not porn being called porn ... such as "hate speech." Also, another drug, addiction or subversion will be pushed immediately and people will still have to be trained in awareness.

If enough can practice awareness and wash away this nonsense, the companies and executives will be naturally held accountable without any new laws or transgression. Also, at this point the addicts won't have a pit to fall into because too many aware people around them will not associate with them, which will be more impetus for them to also work on awareness.