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Tell me you at least jacked it in every state. There's power to be found in blowing loads across geographical regions.

Did you make it to the winchester house?

No, slightly too far away. Walking around UC Berkeley at the moment.

Not sure where your plans take you, but if you want a beautiful day hike, go see hetch hetchy dam. Sister valley to yosemite, and typically has zero to 4 people in it, while yosemite has 60,000 and is a total fucking nightmare like an outdoors Disneyland.

God damn hippies wanting to change the world but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad

That’s what it used to be. Now it looks like a version of the young UN club.

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Also, for a wonderful experience, go find the archangeli bakery, just south of half moon bay, near the coast. It’s a 2 horse town, with one restaurant and gas station and a kick ass local bakery. Try a round of the artichoke herb bread with a thing of fresh local garlic butter. That’s lunch.

Edit, here it is. Pescadero. 287 Stage Rd, Pescadero, CA 94060

How many dicks did you have to suck

14 if you're counting just truck stops when I needed a ride. A few more if you count rest areas and scenic vistas.