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Dudes right though, that's exactly why they made the movie. They're trying to desensitize people to pedophilia

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I saw some idiot bitch the other day saying "You need to watch it before you can complain". Hell no I don't, it's demonic and I won't allow a second of them to infiltrate my brain.

Amen brother. It's amazing how many people will watch it though.

It's literal poison -- but (((they))) say it's ok, so it must be ok.

Ha, great. I love that movie. Both of them.

I hate that half of the title for the sequel is in English and half in Spanish.
Also, Jeffrey Donovan has some great one-liners in both films.

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I love that movie. Both of them.

Wait, you're saying you're a pedo? If so, you need the same therapy.

Sicario, nigger faggot

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You didn't make it clear, that's why I asked. I have absolutely no tolerance for that demonic activity.