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The left is just like the religious elite in Rome.

  • Ye always wins and people have always doubted him since before he made his first album College Dropout
  • President Trump and Ye will get somewhere with their discussion; his wife Kim Kardashian managed to get President Trump to pardon a nonviolent drug offender
  • Kanye is currently trying to get rid of a clause in the 13th amendment that allows prison slavery (see TMZ interview here)
  • Yes He did say "George Bush doesn't care about Black People" back in the mid 2000s. He also said on his song Power that he was the "abomination of Obama's Nation" in response to Obama calling him a jackass
  • One of the CNN commentators basically said that "only the well spoken should be talking to the President," basically said that only people like Sen. Blumenthal should be talking to him about important issues. That cuts out a lot of Trump's base right there. Are Diamond and Silk not able to talk to him? Should Milo be barred from ever being at the White House? Alex Jones? And some cases Michael Savage just for the fact that CNN would despise him and find a way to throw him into the disorganized category as well.
  • Ye should be more organized with what he says. His format should remain generally the same. It gets people mad at first, causing more to talk about. Then he clarifies it in an interview and it all makes sense.
  • I think some good will come out of this. Put faith into Ye as we have with President Trump.
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As I've read more into Kanye West's beliefs, I've found that he has a lot of very well thought out views on life and the current situation in our country.

The only problem is his delivery (as you mentioned). Most of the time I know exactly what he's getting at, but he's just not putting it in plain enough terms (which is understandable).

I used to just like his music, now I'm starting to really like the man.

Power is a masterpiece. I never knew that he was the one who wrote it. I think it took over 5000 hours to get it just right for release

I though he just wrote autotune stuff like his song Heartless

Fucking absurd that this gets a pass, it's shameful, but they have no shame

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Typical attitude of the Cunt Non-News Network.