I've got a liberal squawking in the same room as me and I'm trying to ignore it. I'm usually more laid back.

I've got a liberal squawking in the same room as me and I'm trying to ignore it. I'm usually more laid back.

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I’m guessing it’s a family thing, so here is what you do, every 2 things they say that are retarded you remind yourself family is important. Or alternatively I’m pretty sure there is a shovel at a home improvement store near you.

Been there. A lesson that my dad used to preach is that "discretion is the better part of valor".

He was basically telling me that some battles are not worth fighting and some are. It's up to me to decide the difference.

It's a lesson that has saved me a lot of trouble.

It took me too long to learn that lesson. Used to be I'd pick a hill to die on that wasn't worth it.

Whenever they talk about Trump being a racist, remind them that there are more blacks currently employed thanks to the racist of Scottish-German ancestry in currently in office than with the previous closet communist homosexual Kenyan Muslim. Just rub it in, nice and firm. Chuckle like a madman when you do it.

Remind them how Trumps immigration policy has helped stymie Latin-American gangs preying on Latin-American, Latin-Caribbean, as well as Americans without bringing any dramatic increase to the cost of produce on the grocery store shelves. Then remind them about the new abortion laws. His parents might find they could legally snuff him and suffer no criminal consequences if things progress the way they are.

Passes you the salt shaker

Just pour it in the wound, liberally. 😆

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Nah, when it comes to extended family some battles just aren't worth fighting. I don't want to be hearing about the inevitably ensuing fracas a decade from now.

I have a cousin who voted for Senator Bernie Sanders when he was running for President.

Best thing you can do is try to find something else to talk about. It's not hard and can be done.

I'm lucky none of my considered immediate family voted for Hillary

In your journey through life, everyone you meet is both your teacher and your student. Libtards teach patience and self-control. Failing that, there are usually many rooms in a house, and nothing says you have to share the same room. If it was me, I'd engage my Sony Walkman CD player, and drown him out (that's how I deal with christianoid preachers on the bus that want a captive audience). I guess pocketphones have replaced the Sony Walkman now....don't have one so no idea what it's capabilities are.