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I just read the article and it's simply another case of the thinning of the herd. If you're ill equipped to protect yourself, then you're ill equipped to survive, and it's best you be culled from the gene-pool before you could produce offspring equally inclined to burden the tribe. Her parents should've been culled, but hopefully, they're no longer able to reproduce and any siblings learned from this ones demise.

From the tone of the article, it seems the narrative is slipping and the writers are now left having to chastise, brown beat, and shame people back into line while re-framing the incident to suit their delusion. It's only a matter of time until they have to outright intimidate them. Good luck with that comrades. I hope more of the soulless sheep die horrible screaming deaths if it helps wake the western wolves.

It's not wrong to ask what this woman did to imperil her life that she could've avoided. Life is fun, we've gotta make the most of it. And to some degree, this woman was, but she shouldn't have had to die to live that more fulfilling life.

To put things into perspective, this is how we send our sons off into the world. This is how we send our daughters. Let that sink in, sheeple, goyim, or whatever you think to call yourselves. Still think you're entitled to go where you'd like, do what you want? Then you better be the sort of person that can make refusal a risky proposition for those who would refuse.