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Family and business partner exuding her unfailing and unapologetic support. Has the community split in two: https://files.catbox.moe/vxh3s3.png

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Weird how they always choose professions in proximity of kids. It's not right for the ice cream man that aint a pedo... but you know what... I wouldn't leave my kid alone w/ a priest either. Nothing personal. I'm just a man that assumes most men are shit. There's a faggot kid bothering problem in the world and it's mostly male.

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Weird how that is indeed. It's always the ones who work with kids or in really close proximity to kids who get in this kind of trouble.

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Annnnnd that's another degenerate pedokike.

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What is really disturbing to me is that he knew this is illegal and extremely immoral, but he intentionally did so anyways. Ugh...