[–] Owlchemy 2 points

It's truly incredible how quickly the major cities around the country have deteriorated into this. I can't even imagine how it happened, though Demorat control is sure a big factor. What strikes me as funny is how this wasn't happening even ten years ago ... then the economy wasn't near as good ... yet somehow this became a nationwide thing that largely went unnoticed till now. My personal opinion is they need to get mental health facilities back up and running. They closed them down now these people have nothing ... to me it's a serious mental health issue and can be seen in dozen more aspects of what we call normal society nowadays.

[–] Timmy 1 point

The shitification of US big cities began a* very long* time ago. The bad areas back in the last century were kept in check by politicians and real estate agents, much like happens today in rural America. Urban crime was concetrated in black neighborhoods. Slowly, beaners began taking over the lower cost white areas and ruining them. Decades ago, the federal government began shipping ghetto dwellers into better areas, in a foolish attempt to help those that wanted no help, they only wanted gibs, things went to hell within years. What we see today is the slime completely taking over. Now Chicago has their first female black mayor. That must be the answer to it all! All the shit rolls downhill in today's American cities.