I was downvoted because I asked Mr. Gentle if he wanted me to set up his voting brigades here on Poal.

Why not change the symbol for the downvote arrow to just say "SPAM"? Currently a DV has the appearance of meaning the opposite of an UV ("I like / don't like this!").

Why not just have a spam button then? Not using it for disagreeing seems like a sure fire way of getting an echo chamber. I've "survived" the grays over in the Gawkerverse and I can assure you that is not what is needed here and once they went to that system, it went from being an echo chamber to full fledged wind tunnel. The best part is that's exactly what the commenters said would happen.

@Pmyb2 is it feasible to make it so if someone does downvote, they have to post a reply? Make it so everyone knows that person downvoted the one they replied too somehow and the downvote doesn't get acknowledged if they don't post a reply.

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This is why downvotes are public, so that users are downvoted have a chance to know and respond. I promise you the system we have here has produced the exact opposite of an echo chamber and I saw what happened on voat and reddit downvoting and not arguing produced an echo chamber twice. Lets try something different here its been good for a year and I see no reason to not continue down that path.

I agree with that and like that the downvotes are public. I disagree with the person downvoted having to seek out the why. If someone does downvote, they should be forced to say something in response to the post they downvoted and if they don't the downvote goes away. I think forcing them to reply would be the only real way to stop downvote brigading.

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Someone beat me to it :>. Why can't I delete this?

I have been here less than a goddamn day and already had posts downvoted.

So this is clearly not going to work.

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Why do you care if you are downvoted? Are your feelings that easily hurt? Do you need some self esteem so you won't care what others think?

Why are you trying to shut down conversation? Are you a fucking faggot who doesn't want people to engage in discourse? Do you hate the idea of people contributing?

I'm not downvoting or upvoting anything and you shouldn't either.

Voting is how the cancer starts.

It's the common denominator of every social media site that eventually goes to shit.

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