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@PMYB2 Maybe it could be relabeled "Spam" instead of "Downvote". That might help people understand the Poal culture better.

Edit: I realized that of is not spelled od.

Maybe it could be relabeled "Spam" instead of "Downvote". That might help people understand the Poal culture better.

Around da islands, spam's ono grindz brah!

100% Admin approved message. Thanks man I appreciate it

Maybe sticky for a few days? I think we're gonna be getting a lot of new faces

I was on voat for a couple of years up until yesterday. It's unreal what just happened. It makes me want to go back and actually start manipulating things over there.

I think I got into it with you on voat at some point. Maybe not, the user names blur one into the other.

Anyway just wanted to say poal is a fresh start you niggerfaggot. Let's hold on to whatever enmity we had for each other before today and continue from there.

It started a while back though, a few months ago. The bickering has drowned everything else out. I also thought the Builder post was really patronising.

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I'm mass recruiting viable people via PM

I'm sure it'll get me banned but I don't care I have like 10 accts to burn through

(no I'm not gonna try those shenanigans over here, I don't shit where I eat)

Stickied. Yeah that would seem to be the case. I'm enjoying all the new people.

It will be a continual issue until the button is changed from a downvote symbol to something like a spam flag. Or a [ ][ ][ ] Report ->Spam, Illegal, etc.

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I appreciate this idea like anyone else, but I'll be honest here: When I was using reddit, they tried, or better, we tried this. I posted countless comments about this, it didn't work. When I was in whoaverse, we tried this, but once the site started growing, it didn't work. Now on poal, it's small and it is working, but a big userbase makes almost impossible to make it work. People are fucking dicks, all of us. Once you don't recognize the names anymore, you lose that "our crowd" feeling, and hitting the downvote on something you disagree or see as a poor collaboration gets easier. Maybe you will not, I refrain myself too, but don't count on this with a big active userbase.

tl;dr: people suck and the more successful the site, more cancerous it gets. There's not much to do.

It would be better to just acknowledge people use the downvote to disagree and move on. The whole keep it pure notion doesn't work and everybody knows it.

TBH, I think like this too, from my previous experiences on the matter. But hey, I hope it works.

I think that this policy also hinges heavily upon what you are calling spam. If you consider low quality posts as spam, or repetitive posts as spam, or platitudes as spam, then this policy seems grand. But if you opt for a more conservative definition of spam, you leave any forum you run quite vulnerable to the aforementioned. Fences make for good neighbors, and strict rules engender a free society.

Yeah, we're not downvoting anything, even low effort crap, and I like it this way. Upvotes move content up, making the rest stagnant, and the effect is the same, without that sensation of groups fighting for the control of the front page. It's working for now. IDK how it goes with a big userbase.

Yeah, I think you'd need different buttons if you wanted to motivate different behavior. Supposing instead of just up down (where many newcomers may not know or care about the intended meaning), you had other buttons that would influence the position of a post, and tag the post with a label.

Replace the down button with say, a broom sweeping trash out of the way. Put a thumbs down/middle finger for what most people really want to use the down button for; instead of reducing the visibility of a post, it just puts an icon showing how many thumbs down or fingers you got. Put a thumbs up/applause button and a debate/fight button to increase visibility of posts you feel deserve more attention, whether you agree or disagree with the sentiment.

And the interface would probably also have an influence on thoughtfulness vs impulsivity. If the buttons are just sitting out in the open people will use them more aggressively. If you have to pull the broom out of a menu it will be used less impulsively. I think more weight should be given to people who respond vs. those who just push buttons, especially if the response gets positive feedback.

@PMYB2 Thoughts?

The cold hard truth that you guys need to face is that a simple agree/disagree option has been hammered into your psyches. If you present people with either/or decisions over and over, you can mold future thought processes to bottleneck the flowchart to the same either/or dynamic. This is very clearly learned behavior, lamented by the likes of Reddit, the agreement/disagreement system's predecessors, and its sprouting continuations.

Things are hardly ever dichotomous (philosophically, at least), but our brains have evolved polar decision making to adapt to needs for survivability. It's very easy to disagree with parts of an argument, but ultimately agree with its conclusion, for instance.

I've heard of studies where it was shown that breaking decisions into dichotomies enhances reaction time. I don't have the details, but it sounded like they were saying it's faster to make two either or decisions in succession than to choose from a list of four options. Anything can be broken down to binary, our computers are optimized to work that way, and it seems our brains are as well.

While there's a natural drive to minimize effort, it's possible to develop good and bad habits. Habits can be formed unknowingly, or they can be developed with effort. I'm interested in finding how to minimize the development of bad habits, and maximize the development of good habits.

What I like to do when I disagree with parts of an argument, is quote that post line by line into my post and address each point individually. That way whoever I'm arguing with knows exactly what they said that's retarded.

Okay so we have discussed this at length many many times and I haven't gotten to a point where I know what the right answer is, the reason I made downvotes public was to discourage this behavior.

After this large wave of migrants we've had I might have to at least re label the button to something else.

Good luck finding the right answer. Like Chags said, just telling people the intended use hasn't been enough for a lot of communities after growing to a large enough size. I know tests have been done and desirable results have been found for some things like MMOs, so it's at least worth a try to see if there's a better design.

I used it on that non native English speaking copy pasta poster who said they don't trust poal because it's owned by phuks....no regrets

He did pretty much spam that message. Most of the other downvotes on him we're coming from other Qbies so I have some hope for them.

Might also help to remind everyone if you’re a level 6 or above (I think it’s 6), we can see who down votes.

Let's not be such fags over a vote button. If you're THAT upset that someone 'downvotes' your post, maybe spend your time elsewhere. World is a harsh place...

Considering that we got banned from voat for downvoting pedos and faggots, I was hesitant to use it even before learning about the culture here.

Since we're guests here, I'll respect the culture and try not to shit the place up like a nigger.

We're not "guests".

Not going to let anyone tell me what to do. Period.

If opinions bother people, they can stay off the internet (read: public spaces).

What if the post is some crazy ass bullshit. If we can't downvoat bullshit aren't we just Facebook with only a like button.

Why not just have a spam button then? Not using it for disagreeing seems like a sure fire way of getting an echo chamber. I've "survived" the grays over in the Gawkerverse and I can assure you that is not what is needed here and once they went to that system, it went from being an echo chamber to full fledged wind tunnel. The best part is that's exactly what the commenters said would happen.

@Pmyb2 is it feasible to make it so if someone does downvote, they have to post a reply? Make it so everyone knows that person downvoted the one they replied too somehow and the downvote doesn't get acknowledged if they don't post a reply.

This is why downvotes are public, so that users are downvoted have a chance to know and respond. I promise you the system we have here has produced the exact opposite of an echo chamber and I saw what happened on voat and reddit downvoting and not arguing produced an echo chamber twice. Lets try something different here its been good for a year and I see no reason to not continue down that path.

I agree with that and like that the downvotes are public. I disagree with the person downvoted having to seek out the why. If someone does downvote, they should be forced to say something in response to the post they downvoted and if they don't the downvote goes away. I think forcing them to reply would be the only real way to stop downvote brigading.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you reee at it and downvote you are just like leftist. Voat has primed you to be outraged at everything. Let it go. https://tube.poal.co/watch?v=L0MK7qz13bU

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