Does anybody else think he’s starting to sound like a giant faggot? Does anybody else think he’s starting to sound like a giant faggot?

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Lol why would you even make those kind of moves in the first place? It’s blatantly anti free speech.

[–] Treblinka [OP] 12 pts (+12|-0)

Putt is checking to see who downvotes his stickies. Power admin is tripping :)

I called him out on this in the nicest non-inflammatory way possible to try and get it to the top so others can see it since I had no idea about that edit until I saw it on here. Immediately Lord KevDude has come to the defense of the King.

Maybe, that would be pretty dumb though. I’ve got admin powers here and I would never even think about doing that it’s a serious abuse of free speech.

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Putts words:

So I looked up the downvotes on this submission out of curiosity. Most all are destroyers. Many of which will be banned shortly for previous vote manipulation. Interesting isn't it that those that abuse Voat also hate seeing this thread.

I downvoted his post lamenting a bunch of faggots. Woke up the next day with a warning. I think it is fair to say that my trust in Putt is gone.

Perhaps he was rather drunk at the time... and now he's all hung over, so he still has not realised just how far he's stuck his foot in it yet?

...just playing devil's advocate here, or whatever. His weird 'builders vs destroyers' nonsense doesn't exactly inspire confidence in him at this point, for me at least.

I've been pretty plastered a few times while running poal, I've dun goofed a few times but never like that and I've always been willing to admit my mistake after the fact. I make mistakes all the time and I expect people to call me on them.

Because srayzie has them all by their incel balls. There's no other explanation.

Well doesn't matter to me anymore, I made my own.

I remember when Poal formed and all the stuff surrounding it. I was here! I'm not willing to give my Voat identity just yet ;)

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Be Putt

Ban users including good goats and even friends

Spot check the ban list to unban preferred friends

Shill brigading goats with alts make appeals with their alts, unban some of them

Good goats with no alts are just fucked, good riddance faggots.

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>poal has a 4chan style quote markdown

>(3rd from the right)

>makes it even more authentic



>Testing that out

Will use in future, I'm sure
be pmyb2
Be running awesome free speech site with AOU
Be happy to see all the new faces



Since Voat is invite only right now, only banned users with alts can appeal.


My alt got killed by an upgrade or migration of something, years ago. So I just made him again for some reason. It was probably bad pun related shitpostery, knowing me.

Same, but I parked my original on the preview site. This name contains a reference to it.

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Even If I was unbanned now I don't think I could go back to voat, too much trust has been breached.

I turned a blind eye to the (((Investor))) and the dead canary for a long time because I genuinely got along with Putt but it seems like a small group of powerusers I mean "Builders" now have enough sway to get people banned for disagreeing with them, framing them for "voat manipulation", and not even giving them a chance to defend ourselves.

[–] Treblinka [OP] 10 pts (+10|-0)

a small group of powerusers I mean "Builders" now have enough sway to get people banned for disagreeing with them, framing them for "voat manipulation", and not even giving them a chance to defend ourselves.

This is exactly why I think Voat is dead. You can see the ground work being done to replace the QRV mods. It will be a full Reddit takeover.

See I think you guys are focusing too much on the free speech issue. This web site is actually more heavily censored, but the difference comes from the fact that it's better administered. I think that in Voat, not only was it undercensored, but more critically it was administered without any great skill.

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Off topic, but I've privately suspected the investor is 👴🏽. He has the money. He's expressed a strong interest in free speech voat. He's very invested in the site in terms of activity, and that Friday music thingie. In a site like voat, even just $100,000 would probably make you "The Investor".

Well that would be one hell of a rumor to have get away. I never had an issue with thebuddha personally but he did get a lot of preferred treatment.

I always guessed it was Notch considering how much he loves Q and strong language these days.

What's the dead canary thing about? I missed that.

Most canarys are framed in the present tense "if you can read this we have not received a warrant" or timed, like poals a monthly "as of this month we have never received a warrant"

Voat is a past tense "as of [random date] we have not received a canary" The only problem is, you never know if they don't have a current warrant because the canary is not updated regularly, just whenever putt feels like it. The only time you kinda know voat is safe is right when he posts a canary update. Well, the last time the canary was updated, as a reply putt said something along the lines of 'that might be the last time I can update the canary' and then latter sticky posts about the feds being interested in the site because of certain posts in certain subs crossing lines.

So even though there is a canary from ~ 2 months ago saying that no warrant was ever received BEFORE that point, their is zero way to know about the current status.

meanwhile on poal you can click the canary link every month and know you are safe with the monthly canary post. when the monthly posts stop you know the site is comped, which is the point of a canary.

with putts, 'I'll update the canary whenever I feel like updating it' attitude it doesn't serve the purpose it is supposed to. In fact, you get lulled into a false sense of security because since putt says it was safe in the past, and the out dated canary technically still exists it makes the site look like it is currently safe, which is far from the truth because putt has indicated all votes are logged, and all the anonymous stuff isn't anonymous behind the scenes AND the feds have expressed interest and the canary HASN'T been updated after putt mentioned the fed interest.

Thanks for this explanation - i was oblivious of the whole canary thing.

Glad I came here when I did, Putt sounds like some politician trying to weasel word his way out of a scandal

Ditto here.

But I am still kind of hoping that he was just a little drunk or injected a marijuana or something and simply wrote some nonsense and made a mistake which he'll fix and eventually possibly even own up to. But even then, I'm not sure I can ever trust him as much as I had previously, so your point stands.

Nope, we were seeing the real him. I have seen him act like this before but not on such a grand scale. It's good that a lot of people are now seeing his true nature now.


[–] Treblinka [OP] 12 pts (+12|-0)

It’s funny to watch his shabbos goy kevdude shilling in the comment section though. Damage control on a Sunday. Lol. Those faggots are working overtime

I rather like him because he puts that drunken psycho Dial in his place. That alcoholic has done more than anyone to destroy the place.

f you don't trust me you should leave Voat, it's what I did with Reddit.

And that exactly what I did a few months back. The site became management-controlled bullshit, so I left. Easy peasy. I don't even have a bookmark for voat anymore, just like I did with reddit, and digg before them. A thing of the past is just that: in the past.

Open tabs > bookmarks. This is why my computer struggles so.

So you were one of the digg invaders... Reddit was already suffering from those waves of school kids around school schedules. The digg invasion really changed the character of the site, although part of that might have just been the sheer numbers.

I agree 100% with Putt's comment:

If you don't trust me you should leave Voat, it's what I did with Reddit. That's honestly my best advice.

I still frequently post there and enjoy the time spent.

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