These things are so deep in the uncanny valley. Do you think these people ever ask themselves why they want to be ugly and inhuman?

the last one, "Desmond is Amazing', really breaks my heart, it's extremely sad. Desmond is actually genuinely a real boy. he's being drugged up and abused. it's disgusting, and his parents get away with it. this whole world needs to end sooner than soon.

jew trump supporting this type of stuff for the 3rd year in a row is really surprising, but at the same time it's jew trump.

2016 - jew trump with the LGBTQp (pedophilia within) flag.

and then again in

2019 - jew trump supporting it openly on twitter again and/or LGBTQp (pedophilia within) that is.

I think Trump picks his battles. If he went against everything at once, he would have no chance to do or change anything. He is focusing on the roots of evil and corruption and only time will tell if he was / is successful to any degree. Once those roots are pulled or exposed, so much else will follow to include jews and gays.

I personally don't think that's possible. It's been 2.5 years already and there's no guarantee of re-election to as well.

Supporting LGBTQp (pedophilia within) and it ballooning and/or growing out more and more by the time I think any of that's even handled it will be out of control. I mean it's already out of control adding in another year or two could just balloon it even more and make it impossible to clear / clean up in the end to say the least.

IDK - I don't want to say you are right, but I don't want to say you are wrong to as well on this either. Personally I think it's screwed for now at least if not long term.

Q is not popular here, but if they (Q) are right, then he is setting the stage to take down all this shit from the root. Arrests for child trafficking / pedo stuff is way up under Trump, regardless if he is giving lip service to them. I think it's a show of yeah I support you while I cut your Achilles type deal.

If they are wrong and Trump is another cog in the system, we are fucked with no hope anyways. I prefer to have hope.

Thanks for the way you closed out your comment. Keeping it real and like a discussion instead of the normal finger pointing etc. Good shit man.