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"The European Christian version also includes a triangular frame around the eye. Generally speaking, the all-seeing eye is a symbol of an omniscient entity—usually a deity—that can see all."


White Christian / White Catholic God can see over everything or see everything here on Earth or watches over everything in society. I just take it through spirituality alone myself and/or White Christian / White Catholic spirituality and I believe when it comes to learning this kind of stuff spirituality helps me somewhat to learn as well as knowledge of the past and/or history for that matter to as well.

On the U.S. dollar bill the eye (all seeing eye - White Christian / White Catholic God) over the pyramid (society). The eye watches and/or sees over everything / sees everything as well within society and/or on Earth. Don't quote me on this though this is just my best guess. Eagle has 13 stars / 13 things in right and left claws. 13 original colonies is what I think this references of America / The United States. Don't quote me on this either just a side note. I've never actually spoken to an expert on this or anyone that knew / knows for sure on this type of stuff. Just what I gathered / gather for now myself at least.

----- side note

The eye in the sky (generally referring to casinos, but I view it this way myself in my own White Christian / White Catholic way though).

Eye of Horus

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It's different depending on where you go and who you ask from what I've seen and such online. I don't know myself personally. That's a main one I've heard to as well.