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I'm not going to waste my time with blanket statements here. Others can do "whatever" here on this obviously as I couldn't stop them anyways. Just not going to partake and/or subscribe to this myself.

Due to White Christian / White Catholic views and other stuff to as well.

  1. There's Boomers that are priests / there's also Millennials that are priests that are so far removed from some of this stuff at times alone.
  2. There's people that are so far removed from all of this political stuff to as well that live in very remote / rural places / locations. This alone if they are outside of politics living their lives for the most part and have nothing at all to do with certain things to say the least as well not going to waste my time trying to wrap them up into all of this stuff.
  3. Other stuff to as well I can't think off the top of my head right now to as well.

Gen X* - is the problem anyways. They are trying to cover and/or hide all their bad decisions by making Boomers and Millennials fight each other. (joking obviously).

The unborn are the ones I choose to blame. Those little buggers haven't done a thing to help make America stronger. I'd best not say this as libtards might decide to completely genocide all unborn kids.

There's Boomers

There is boomers. Are you doing this intentionally?

This would work really well as an AskPoal question.

Well, somebody should have told me that sub existed before I posted it.

There is a list man! Its like a whole thing. Also I think its a default when you make your account, I could be wrong I might have missed it as a default but I thought I set it as one.

They both live in their own fantasies instead of reality.

Where do we live?