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Decriminalization isn't the same as "state-enforced". In fact it's quite the opposite. My libertarian roots don't give a shit if you wanna take AIDS cock up the ass and die young. That's on you. Don't ask me to pay for it. That's all.

With America struggling why are we even doing this in the first place though?

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It's weird. I appreciate drug laws that follow statistics. DOn't really care so much about faggots. The likely reason is that it's "bigoted" to keep accurate statistics on em. I bet faggots are horrible child molesters. No study since the 80s and early 90s will even touch the subject though.

jew trump up there supporting LGBTQp (pedophilia within) year after year and just recently on twitter before June started.

people wanted the leftist identity politics gone and/or etc which included LGBTQp (pedophilia within) and all of this gone for the most part. that's also globalism on the social side to as well or jew globalism for that matter at least as well.