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If this isn't racism than i don't know what is. You shouldn't pay someone more just because of their skin color PERIOD.

it's not that. Westerns mostly liberals and leftist are nicer to these groups due to their skin color, there true left wing racism.

these both groups of people have no room in a western society due to not being able to blend in. Indians are really nice at first, but they get on power they treat the cum-skin like shit. And the Chinese have no respect what so ever for other people surrounding them, for example in a Dinner or an air plain. Recently I went to Sweden via Airplane and there was this group of Chinese oldies that went to the bathroom like for 8 times per each one of them. There is a notice in that bathrooms that says please clean up after your selves, but no I went there and the whole toilet seat was covered with liquid shit, just fucking shit. Plus does anyone here have a hard time pissing in an air plain bathroom?