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Pretty cool Joe made it to 21 minutes of interview before bringing up that Ngo is gay and Vietnamese.

One thing that's bugged me about the coverage so far is that invariably the news organization leads with those 'anti-privilege' markers. As if because he's a these things we need to take this really seriously.

I get that there is some utility to acknowledging Ngo belongs to these classes as a way of pointing out some hypocrisy within Antifa, who claim to protect the downtrodden against violence but instead enact violence indiscriminately, sometimes against the very protected groups they would claim to defend. But this would be background information.

Instead it's been presented as being of prime importance. 'Can you believe Antifa attacked a gay, Vietnamese journalist?' as if his being Vietnamese and gay has as much relevance as the fact that antifa violently mobbed a journalist.

Even Quillette was guilty of this. Joe Rogan has no attention span, so I figured it would come in later on, but I was still expecting him to bring it up within 10 minutes. I'm glad Ngo didn't bring it up himself as that would have been really gross.