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If you're just gonna sit there and watch your stuff be destroyed then I guess you get what you get

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No idea who's recording but I imagine it might also be an immigrant, or since we're looking at Germany, they probably don't have a weapon and don't want to go to jail for obstructing a protected species from his attempt to earn a college degree.

Actually just listened to the audio, it's Germans. Probably never saw a gun in their life, this nigger's actions probably completely shock them as they know in their hearts all niggers are pure kind souls troubled only by their oppression from racist supremacist discrimination. They'll probably turn themselves in for offending the innocent nigger with their possessions he can't possibly comprehend or build himself.

They'll probably turn themselves in for offending the innocent nigger

Yep. You get it. These people are so hopelessly blind that they're just gonna watch everything burn down. At the absolute very least, if you're afraid of attacking him because you know you'll be hauled away to jail, you'll at least get angry, or shout nigger at him, or give him a scare, SOMETHING. But no these germans are simply too retarded. They probably welcomed these criminals into the country and now they reap the consequences. Basically everybody in this video deserves a helicopter ride is my point

Just another wave of Europeans culling themselves with the help of outsiders. I'm sure majority nigger world loves watching.