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I do not believe this is a fair assessment. Pool is a decent intelligent guy, but he's just a kid who still thinks he's "liberal". I went through that phase too, as many of us probably have and he's just creeping toward reason and understanding. I respect his stalwart support for free speech and freedom in general and I am sure he's more one of us than he isn't, regardless of how he wants to label himself.

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I agree with you completely.

It's necessary to take a step back once in a while, and remind one's self that in a way, he's still learning. It's easy to forget that when he has as much popularity as he has.

Either way, I was just having a quick laugh at his silly mistake: no different than pointing and laughing at a school-mate who forgot to zip up his fly.

I thought it was kind of a cool tip of the hat calling him hero.

But I was a bit tipsy when I watched that one.