Lmao damn dude

Swift is insanely popular tho. I'm pretty sure she could have already written her ticket into a movie.

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The comments are so salty, it's hilarious.

100k likes and not a single positive comment? Hmmmmm.....

Why even bother anymore? The "American empire" is in decline in most soft spheres of influence and that includes the controlled media. Performers won't advance far if they depend on old tricks to reach their goals.

If I was in Taylor Swift's situation and wanted to get into film, I'd first reach out to the more popular small film makers on youtube while simultaneously making myself available to be cast in Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, and Indian movies so my overseas non-English speaking audience demand increases. You're then free to skip fellating or kissing the butts of degenerate media execs, especially if the Chinese audience want more of you.

Taylor has gone global homo with her new song on fags. Which is dissapointing to see.

Says the POS wigger.

Wiggers should be hanged in the tree next to the nigger hanging tree.

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hes no different, that faggot has been sucking up to politicians since he was born