They should add Reductio ad Hitlerum to that list considering the times we live in.

They should add Reductio ad Hitlerum to that list considering the times we live in.

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I like the one about ad hominem, which means don't attack the speaker, attack his arguments.

What I find funny about this is sociology academics are teaching their students to engage in this. "You're a white male." as a dismissal to a valid argument. How can they have Phds and teach against the basics taught in freshmen year? They have to have rebelled against proper academic standards and they are fake academics to do so. For them the concept of a fallacy is just to have a standard to hold other people to while they can do whatever they want. They will engage in absolute malfeasance and call you a racist for telling them that isn't right.

At some point the university institutions have a responsibility to kick fake academics out of their schools. They don't even police their own work. They taught their students about the 30% wage gap despite the fact that the study was a joke in terms of methodology (compared kindergarden teachers to chemical engineering professors, didn't account for hours worked, level of education, years experience in field). They took this and told their students that it is evidence of women earning less for equal work. Anyone with a Phd that teaches students out of a study they have a responsibility to know better about is not interested in conforming to any academic conventions. People outside of sociology had to tell them this doesn't make sense. It isn't other fields' job to police the research in your field.

Can them all. It's a fake field. Not because the subject doesn't matter, but because of what they've done with it. Fake academics working with fake research, giving students fake educations.