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Yes, diversity for Israel but the main thing is to imprison the Jewish bankers of the Masonic central bank and the Jewish aristocracy behind them.

Very antisemitic! Oy vey.

"We're a world minority, we don't deserve to be extinguished!"
This is why they lump us all together as " white people" trying make us look like a majority, when really all European races together only make up around 15% of the population.
It's the lie that is making this "great replacement" work. If we're such a majority how can you gloat at the same time that this replacement will happen in 1 or 2 generations??

Need a tiny rainbow flag under it. That would really get them.

I really don't give a shit about diversity for Israel. They have every right to be an entho-state. It is the 'International jew' that I am opposed to.