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I'm getting sick and tired of the relentless social engineering attempts by Google and Youtube. They need to be brought under control, but alas, they are preventing that by pouring money into legislators pockets.

"Nationalist, Loyalist, Isolationist, Xenophobe"

I see nothing wrong with any of these words, in fact I respect a Nationalist much more than a 'patriot' which nowadays is more associated with "we gotta let in infinity immigrants to own the libtards's haha look at this based black guy in a trump hat" /r/the_donald tier retards.

Well, it's because Google uses Oxford: https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/patriot

Now why they use Oxford instead of Merriam-Webster, I'm not sure.


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They never decide anything that doesn’t follow into their narrative.

That's not what I saw as a Joogle search result.

Accurate memes work best. This one is false news.

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This one is false news.

It isn't. that's what Joogle shows.


synonyms: nationalist, loyalist; chauvinist, jingoist, jingo, flag-waver, isolationist, xenophobe


Damn. The synonyms are what I didn't notice. Those fucking bastards.

Thanks for pointing this out. This is very important that we know how these fuckers are trying to destroy our society.