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I think the issue is blackface was historically used to make fun of black people. Someone trying to be in a costume wouldn't be emulating that however. Drag queens are trying to shock people more than anything, so it's not considered to be some sort of appropriation or insult.

I do find drag queens repulsive I just see a difference.

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Drag queens are trying to shock people more than anything

I think it's more about pushing their degeneracy towards kids.

They already are in the process of demanding legalization of pedophilia.

Next step will be zoophilia.

Bestiality and pederasty were very widely practiced by many religious sects and cults preceding and following the time of the Templars, as was the consumption of foetuses (with honey and black pepper) and semen and menstrual blood. It never went away, the controller's have always done it but now they want to make it mainstream again. I've been studying the works of an occult historian. It seems the gnostics, ophites, priapists (not sure of spelling) and even early Christians did it. Unbaptised infants were sacrificed by fire as well, the ones conceived during their orgies.

they are not just trying to shock people, they're literally fucking demons.

AOU is a drag queen who also wears blackface at same time.

Now what ?

Because drag hasn't got the historical sexism behind it like the racism that black face does.

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Because historically men dressing as women has always been part of an act (it goes even back to millennia ago in ancient Chinese Opera).

The problem is that pedophiles have since hijacked it and are using it to lure kids into sexual degeneracy.

Haven't you heard about all the library and school lectures being performed by convicted child molesters?