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Poland is probably as close to a white ethnostate as the world will see anytime soon. Looks like they are still a little butt hurt about WWII tho.


Awesome people. They need to learn to forgive the Nazis for what they were forced to do. But that might be a tough sell.

You may one day forgive; but never forget...They were royally screwed by all the socialist big boys (the National Socialist, and the Soviet Socialist). Lesson learned...Don't trust Socialist of any flavor.

For a long time Poland was complicit with the kike holohoax narrative because they got to claim they were also victims (and they were, it just wasn't Germany doing the victimizing, there is a reason why Eastern Europeans fled into Germany to escape the Soviets because they were treated far better.), lately however Jews have been getting increasingly hostile to Polacks and trying to cut them out of the victimhood circle to monopolize holohoax guilt for themselves by claiming poland was actively gassing 6 gorillion Jews and needs to pay billions of shekels in reparations forever, Jews in their arrogance are destroying the method of control they had over Poland.

Poland was also communist after the war, the Marxist PM is the one that put out the inflated number of jews killed. So of course they were complicit

Jews? Arrogant? Never would have guessed. Maybe a few more false flag attacks in themselves will restore their full victim status...