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It's like, Wikipedia even explains this plain as day, everyone's just way too lazy to try to learn.

stop being suspicious of things, goys!

You have to admire jewish success, sorry to burst your bubble AOU, but you're not praising hard enough, your philosemitism is just not there

This, is the official line https://poal.co/s/RealNews/130488

>Elan Carr, the State Department’s special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism, told a group of Israelis and Americans Tuesday night that in order to combat anti-Semitism, not only is teaching the Holocaust essential, the U.S. also needs to “educate on philo-Semitism”: Philo-Semitism, which is sometimes referred to as “positive anti-Semitism,” is an inverse form of anti-Semitism that views Jewish stereotypes — including that Jews are smart, rich, and cunning — with admiration.

This is it mang, praise the lord, go with god https://youtu.be/UR5cuGJ5vG8?t=33

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They have mastered shapeshifting for centuries

Oh yeah, they certainly have

That and millions of other stuffs, they are satan's little helper, or god's little helpers, little hands

That's their group's survival strategy, since they are in minority wherever they go since 2000 years or so

So they have to be close to power, to serve it, to get an hand on it. And when power shifts hands, which also happened a couple of times, they always side with the new master

Hence, the loyalty, center to the JQ


That's how I see things on the chessboard, now there are other groups, it's not a minor factor