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Gab is the most censored network out there. But there passion to strive has never faded and they work around the censorship. The Gab app store is coming boys!

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Free Speech must prevail!

It will. Don't give up, and always think 5 steps ahead. And thank god for open source which allows us to fork a project and make it into a free speech app.

Free speech will, it'll take time and effort and people that share the same goals working together to achieve them. Thats what Poal.co stands for free speech and anyone who wants to support it. Nice to make your acquaintance I'm the guy that started this place.

We are working a few forks our selves to help support the cause. I seriously considered setting up a gab instance but there was an issue I wasn't able to resolve with them other than through email and I keep meaning too but I really really dislike email. So I haven't emailed them yet. I wish they had a riot or a better way to contact them but alas it doesn't seem to be the case, poal does its chat.poal.co and you are welcome there anytime.

Free speech forever, and they can pry it from my cold dead hands.