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I don't do gaming, but when I need to fix some clients' issues/conflicts with apps from Chinese publishers, I always install and run them in a VM.

You can't imagine all the traffic they are sending to some fishy servers.

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Do you have any tutorials on how to do this? It would be much appreciated if you can upload one onto Bitchute so I can figure out how to safely get the Epic Games launcher off of my PC.

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If you're planning to play, a VM might not be a good idea (3D support is working, but much slower than native).

You can multi-boot with another HDD/SSD or Partition with a Windows install clean from anything but Epic Games Launcher.

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Oh boy... really good to know actually because it's pretty creepy to think about that occurring.

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It creates a superuser in windows with elevated privileges above a normal superuser. It is super obnoxious, but at least it is easy to get rid of.