User guide

Poal is a link and conversation aggregator based on votes.

At Poal, we believe the down vote is not a "I disagree button".

We'd rather engage in a counter argument with the post/comment we disagree with, and use down votes for spam (you can report to admins) and off topic trolls.

There are two different front pages: Home and All

  • Home: shows only posts from subs you're subscribed to.
  • All: shows everything posted.

They both can be sorted by: New, Hot, Top, Pop

  • New: shows all the newly submitted posts.
  • Hot: shows all the recent posts that are getting upvoted by users.
  • Pop: shows all popular posts from the past 7 days that contain active discussions.
  • Top: shows all the most upvoted posts.


  • Every account is required to have a username to interact by posting, commenting, and voting.
  • Email addresses are only used for the password recovery process. All passwords are hashed and not viewable by anyone.
  • Emails and basic user settings may be accessible by certain admins involved with securing and maintaining user accounts.

User Settings

  • Open external links in a new window: Opens Post links in a new tab or window depending on your local device.
  • Disable custom sub styles: Will disbale custom CSS stylesheets from the subs.
  • Show NSFW content: Will allow Not Safe For Work content to be seen. NSFW content can include pornography, violence, or gore.
  • Enable experimental features: That mode allows you to see things that the devs are testing before they are released officially to the site.
  • Disable infinite scroll: Infinite mode will load the next page when you scroll to the bottom of a page without needing to click the Next Page button.
  • Delete Option: Allows you to delete your account. All posts and comments will not show up in sorts. If someone has the direct link to a post, it will show [Deleted] as your name.


  • A sub is a nickname for a group of posts that are under that sub and having to do with a common theme.

Settings that sub [O]wners, [M]oderators and [J]anitors can set

  • Sub is NSFW: Shows if a sub is Not Safe For Work. This will auto selct NSFW for posts.
  • Only mods can post: Makes it so the Sub will only allow posts from the Admins, Sub Owners, and Sub Moderators.
  • Allow users to flair their own posts: Users will be allowed to select their own post flairs from the selection that the mods allow.
  • Enable video player: Creates a video player, that uses the posts on the page as a playlist, in the top of your sub's sidebar.
  • If a video link is not supported by your browser, it will break the playlist and you'll have to click next to continue.
  • Default sub page post sorting: When someone visits the subs main page, you can set how you want it to be sorted.
  • Sidebar text: Text that explains the purpose of the sub or any relevant information about the sub that can let the average user know what's going on.
  • Post flairs: A tag or key that mods or users can attach to a post to further categorize a post within the sub.
  • Stylesheet: CSS style code that can be applied to the sub to change the colors or add images having to do with the theme of the sub.
  • Moderators: Only Owners can add new Moderators. Owners and Mods can assign post flair, change sub settings, change the stylesheet, remove posts, or ban users.
  • Sub Log: Keeps track of when mods change settings, edit and assign flairs, removing posts/comments, and ban users.
  • Banned Users: Banned users cannot submit comments or posts to the sub. Owners and moderators can add or remove users from the ban list.