Poal: Say what you want.

Thanks for registering! Here you'll find a brief introduction on how to use this site

Your message indicator, a link to your profile settings, and some basic functions are in the sidebar.

  • The envelope takes you to your message center where you can see replies and PMs
  • The envelope will have a badge with a number in it if you have a new message

Your user profile has options that can be set as follow:

  • Open external links in a new window
  • Disable custom sub styles: Disables custom CSS styles on subs
  • Show NSFW content (disabled by default): Shows posts that may contain nudity or extreme content
  • Endless Scrolling (enabled by default) in all new
  • Experimental features: auto-refresh when a new post is submitted
  • Global stylesheet: enter the name of a sub to make its custom css sitewide

This site is composed of subs. Each sub community has their own set of themes, rules, moderators, etc. which can include:

  • Extra CSS to change the colors and look of the sub
  • Sidebar information with links to other sites that may not be affiliated with this site
  • Choose the default sort of a sub when a user goes to it (New/Hot/Top)
  • A video player mode that can play most posts that have been posted
  • You must be level 2 and up to be able to create subs (max 30)

Customize your own front page:

  • Customize the content you'd like to see on your personal front page called follow (located in the top menubar) by following users from their profile: sidebar > follow

Colored usernames:

  • The color of everyone's username corresponds to their account level
  • The idea here is to offer something of a reward to the people who contribute a lot to poal
  • Some of the wonderful benefits of these fantastic colors are they make shills easier to spot, it rewards long time community members and gives a sense of progression
  • Levels are ordered as below:
  • Level 0 -> light blue
  • Level 2 (40 points) -> green
  • Level 6 (360 points)-> yellow
  • Level 20 (4,000 points)-> orange
  • Level 30 (9,000 points)-> red
  • Level 50 (25,000 points)-> blue Poal logo
  • Level 100 (100,000 points)-> red pill

  • Level 0 to 6 are limited to 60 Link and 60 Text Posts per day
  • Comments are unlimited
  • PM are disabled for new accounts (until they level up) to prevent PM spam abuse
  • Level 6+ can access the voting [details] option (available under post's title or comments) to see who downvoted a post or comment
  • On Poal.co, the downvote is not considered as a "I disagree". It's usually for spam and off-topic posts or comments

Don't hesitate to say Hi! to the community in /s/introductions, and if you have any question check out /s/askpoal

How to report bugs

If you find any bug, glitch or any other nasty thing, you should report in here and we'll take care of it.

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