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That's probably because you may have https everywhere installed.

Picinfinity doesn't support ssl because it's actually not hosting the pics, but will link to the best available mirror where pics are hosted.


It's really not that hard to positively contribute to a community, even @thebuddha manages it

Yeah, I try. When PMYB2 decided to start the project, I was there and kept track as he was making the choices. I told 'em that I'd help by submitting content. I figure a new site needs content and that's what I do. I just add stuff that I think other folks may enjoy.

Unfortunately, I don't really have a ton of free time - and my time is obligated in a number of different areas. So, I don't submit as much as I'd like - but I try to give as much as I reasonably can.

I also stay pretty much restricted to a few subs. I don't much venture out of them. Other folks submit stuff to 'em and I'm pretty grateful, 'cause of that whole time thing.

As mentioned before, and concerning that aspect, I'm also really happy to hand over the keys to most subs. @AOU is even willing to do sub transfers. So, folks who have a history of contributing and being active in a sub can probably take over all but a few of the subs that I "own." The only reason I made 'em is 'cause those are the topics that I tend to submit.

(I point it out, 'cause I have some pretty generic name subs. I'm more than happy to add ACTIVE mods and/or transfer ownership to ACTIVE people - folks who've a history of submitting content to the subs.)