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Yes, I'm aware that I'm 4.5 hours late. My creativity bone is still broken and I scrapped the draft for a different artist and decided (at 10:00 this morning) to write this one instead. So, it's finally published.

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I don't think anyone could blame you, you have written an impressive amount of articles so I think you've earned some slack on the schedule. Just my 2 cents.

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108 published articles. I haven't missed a day since about May 21st. Sometimes, there is more than one article in a day - but that's pretty rare. I also have one spare article, edited and ready to publish, if I want to take a day off.

Normally, I write them all in one or two days when I have free time. Lately, I haven't been able to do that. I sit down and I just don't want to write and what I write comes out as junk. So, I do them the day of publication.

I think it's about time to get a bunch scheduled again. My creativity bone seems to be healing.

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Did you check your profile recently?

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I did and I responded to the PM from @PMYB2, thanks! It's pretty sweet, though it's not the same color blue - but I like it just the way it is. We use a similar icon for the favicon.ico at the Music For Us site. So, it seemed pretty fitting!


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Off topic and I don't want to PM you as it's not the least bit private.

You said you had a Mumble server. Strangely, I just came across someone claiming you have to pay to use it. This seems wrong. It's only paid if you use their servers to host it and they'll provision you with mumble for a monthly fee. That's what it looks like to me.

Can you confirm that you do not pay to use the Mumble software on your own servers?

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I can confirm mumble is free and open source so if you have a server and a little bit of free time to You run it for absolutely free(excluding internet costs server costs and electricity costs) yes completely free.

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Thanks. I just needed confirmation - as it absolutely appeared to be free.

It's probably slightly confusing to them (not everyone is tech-savvy) because the .com mumble domain offers paid mumble server hosting.