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And kikes are still wondering why they've been kicked out of countries, hundreds of times...

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Huh? Surratt as a surname has a French origin.

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Don't forget lots of jews were shapeshifting kikes pretending to be whites.

The Jewish Rebel

> After the Confederacy surrendered, Judah P. Benjamin. feared federal authorities might arrest him because he had sent John Surratt, one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, on a covert mission to Canada. Benjamin fled to Britain, where he became a wealthy barrister, never to return to the United States. Near the end of his life he moved to Paris, reunited, at long last, with his wife. Unfortunately for historians, he burned his personal papers shortly before his death in 1884.

> the biographer Eli Evans wrote that Benjamin “achieved greater political power than any other Jew in the nineteenth century — perhaps even in all American history.”

> Cohencidence: Benjamin became a wealthy slave owner and sugar planter, built Belle Chasse Plantation in Plaquemines Parish

> Benjamin was also the only Jew to hold a high position in either the Union or Confederate government.

>> Archived source