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Oh lawd.

Mean words shouldnt be allowed, also you dont want loli porn on your site? Wtf you dont like freedom!

So a drawing of an adult beheading a kid is okay, but a drawing of an adult jerking off a kid isn't? What if the adult is jerking off while beheading the kid?

Let's go three steps further:

What if a dog is ripping out a child's neck? What if a dog is fucking a child in the ass?

Where is the line, and why is the line there?

Yeah... these are the people Hitler wanted gassed.

I wonder why?

What is loli porn?

Cartoons of children.

My comment was mocking the people I saw on the AMA who wanted to be able to post cartoons of children in sexual situations but were offended by any precived antisemitism.

Ahhh. So like manga porn. I was in Japan a few times and pornography (without pixelization) is banned there but the comic books are full on child porn.

The people you're describing on reddit seem like they don't understand the subversion they're under. Sad. Those are the best people to direct to Voat. Then once they're thoroughly roughed up (i.e. mentally raped on the JQ and shat on for pushing porn and child porn), they can limp back over here.

I had a feeling I'd get a comment like this. It seems like you are just dismissing other people as if they are not people. We are all human beings and deserve to be heard. If our ideas are bad then we can change them but that only happens with free expression.

Unless they are kikes or niggers. Lol

You're right on about the block users / subs. That is the best way to deal with it. It's funny how people want free speech, unless it's free speech they don't agree with. That's some liberal nonsense logic!

You're patient answering all that!

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Thanks I'm really not patient I'm just being honest.

And you're right about liberals and black apologists being welcome here. I don't see a problem with it. We can debate on facts and keep it civil.

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Why shouldn't we? I welcome anyone of any opinion we shouldn't have echo chambers. Its not good for us.

But don't downvote people if they're being subversive or you disagree. That's a no-no here.

So the funny captchas are going to go away because people get butthurt about words? I can understand a want to change them, for professional reasons, but one step leads to another.

Butterfly's, puppies and kittens offend me. I demand they not be on the list!

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I think I can come up with something equally funny.

I thought the captchas here where the first line of defense.

I can just imagine the number of users who went to create an account and couldn’t enter niggers. Even the though cracks me up.

I'm glad I was never a reddit user. Some good conversations had on the ama but those getting offended about words and wanting to protect their animated boobies.. Offends me!

It is what it is. Just happy that poal is here. Kudos for trying to offer up a new place for them, whether they want to dive in or not.

I was on Fark, Digg, and Reddit. All had their moments in the sun.
I left Voat a couple of months ago (I think) because it was down more than up and Putt didn't seem to care.

A den of pedos

'buh buh buh can I pulease post child porn cartoons now because let's agree this is all completely normal"

I just now realized. It's either well hidden, I have nsfw turned on, or porn just isn't posted to poal. It's nice that it's not. Yet there's people there scrutinizing and questioning about child porn or other degenerate shit.

Fuck, if they want to follow that stupid sub here then do it but keep their other shit that is praised and promoted to reddit. How hard is it for people to understand simple concepts? They can't even see or understand what is even behind them needing to possibly have to find a new home for their shit sub.

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Yeah I was sure these types of questions would pop up but I'm fine answering them. Its not like its the first time I've had to.

"drawings are not children they don't even exist!" he really tried hard

Not sure if trolling or true perv

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He gave it his best shot I guess he just wasn't ready for someone who has heard those arguments before. Better luck next time.

Wow, that descended into “why u no like kiddie porn?” Pretty damned quick. Reddit is cancer. Fuck that site.

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It did, I'm not going to lie answering that over and over got a little bit old after a while.

Are we about to get an influx of noobs?

Yes. I'm one of them.

Welcome. I'm sure Boobs mentioned it in the AMA but this isn't Reddit or Voat. I like to think it's the best of both.

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It is possible.


Fresh meat!


A little over a month ago, I was fresh meat.

Now look at what you've all turned me into! :)

In reality though, I think this site will start to explode. The shit going on at Reddit is off the charts subversive censorship. A little wild-west style debate is good.

Going to Voat is a little too wild-west for some not used to the JQ and other things.

I don't want this site to get too much bigger. I don't like big things.

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We could always make another site with hookers and black jack.

PM me immediately when we get hookers and black jack.

Meh.. in fact, forget the another site.

I would consider making an offer, pending a valuation of the site's worth in Poalbucks.

When most of the conversation appears to be a lot of frustrated autistic people who get really angry when you don't let them draw adults fucking children, do we even want that kind of person here in the first place?

A redditor is 3/5ths of a voater, who is 3/5ths of a... wait a minute, 'poaler'? Poalite? Poalack? Man, that sentence didn't end the way I expected it to.

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It was an ask me anything so I kind of agreed to answer anything.

It was a mostly philosophical question.

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I really am trying not to pass judgement today. Or at least I'm trying to keep it too myself they came to me and asked me to do this so I'm trying to do it in a polite manner.

You have far more patience then I ever could with those pederasts and pedos... I would have been reaching for the gas.

What a fucking joke. Fucking reddidiots arguing over the free speech of CP over "hate speech". CP is not free speech, it's illegal for a fucking reason because it is sexualizing children even if it is drawn or not. Also mean words are allowed because we have a much thicker skin than most of those fucking morons on that kindergarten daycare center.