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That’s right and this ex post facto law, which is unconstitutional

If that is unconstitutional then so is every other law involving age limits.

Well, what would the pedos in Vermont do?

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You can be certain they'll be one of the biggest proponents.

They LOVE to isolate children they find on popular apps from their parents via their phones.

Bernie MadeOff Sanders wants to literally ban mobile phones for everybody below age 21?

Old and insane man.

I wonder what he knows about cellphones? maybe exposure to the brainwipe technology too early ruins good slaves. those little brains have to develop to a certain point before they are really useful.

the Jew promotes the use of the cell phone that works with radiation for surveillance, control, mind control purposes (you will have seen that people do not take their eyes off the phone especially when they walk down the street, they are hypnotized with the phone, zombified) and depopulation and eugenics and it is that these phones emit EMF radiation that destroy the brain and promote cancer and soon these phones will have 5G speeds and we already know that 5G radiation is lethal to all life forms. Ideally, when the phone is handled it is to do so using headphones and microphone never bring your ear to him