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Watch the video, I might be in the wrong here but it would seem to me this faggot just threatened people over protected speech. As an officer did he not take an oath to protect the constitution? Shit like this should be national news, this is literally a member of government telling the public “you’d better be careful what you say because we are going to hurt you if you critise us!” If you ask me that’s treason.

yeah good point, I think he thought the message was clear but we (the higher level thinkers, not his audience) know these efforts can be used for ill... honestly it seems like a bunch of hot air because the courts always strike it down

not that I wouldn't mind seeing open season on drug dealers and the BLM anti-cop crowd

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Sure, but we can't have people in places of authority just openly saying that rights are not rights and they would retaliate against people for using them, the entire point of the 1st amendment is to ensure we can criticize government. This blatantly flies in the face of that.

Were they ever not on notice? If not, why not? Couldn't pick a better place for open season on niggers and spics TBH, great city lost...