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You could have still bought the old fashioned ones...just the rough service type ($$$ wise v. cheap ones comes out equal - 2x cost but last 2x longer).

But still, now we can more easily choose as we see fit instead of commies telling us what to choose.

I've got a lot of dimmable switches in my house and the energy saving leds that are dimmable are expensive as fuck and often cheaply made enough they don't last long enough to save me any significant money if any. Regular led bulbs aren't dimmable and just blow out uber fast on a dimmable switch.

I used to replace compact fluorescent bulbs with mini space heater light bulbs for quite a while. Now, I stay with LED's and compact fluorescents. The savings on our power bill over the years justifies it. At least people that prefer old style incandescent lights should be able to get some easier. Don't expect them to be cheap anymore, though.

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I never stopped buying incandecsents in the first place, been 100% halogen bulbs for about 8 years now. Lighting is the one area I just won't compromise on. Halogen seems to mimic natural sunlight best. They say the bulbs last longer than incandescents but not in my experience. The rough service incandescents last 3x longer than my halogen bulbs and they're cheaper. I am paying $2.19 for a two pack of halogens for ~2500 hours per bulb, the rough-service incandescents I get give me ~10000 hours in the same application and they're only 75 cents a piece, nowhere near as bright though. It costs a lot more than LED and you have to replace them often but you can't beat halogen bulbs for light quality IMO.

LEDs and CFLs just don't put out enough UV or IR (barely any) and in the case of LEDs too much blue light. There is also the flicker effect, I notice it much more with CFLs than I do with LEDs consciously, but unconsciously I can still probably percieve the LEDs at some level. The first thing I do after moving into a new place is immediately get rid of any CFLs. They're are usually safe, but they do contain a small amount of mercury and on the off chance they were to break I don't want to deal with cleaning it up.

I would bet workers are more productive under sunlight mimicking lights.

Many places where they are more economical because they are rarely used.

My LED candelabra bulbs burn out constantly despite being “energy efficient, long lasting”

Is that why it's so fucking dark in here now! Turn the fucking lights backs on!!!