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Does that mean Trump supporters should enjoy the video?

Politics is boring. Let's cook some meow chicken

That's my line:-) Come by before the dinner rush, and I'll give you a tour of our kitchen.

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Anyone thinking that his behavior is ok is a pedophile enabler.

No wonder why Hunter's life is so messed up.

Like father, like son...

I was trying for dark humor via sarcasm, which I'd thought would be obvious. I'm a bit surprised to get a serious-soundimg reply.

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Sorry, but I'm not in a mood that joking. I'm really disgusted by his behavior, but even more by the parents around doing nothing to stop him.

Kids know that's not a normal thing to do, especially coming from a creepy stranger.

i couldnt agree more....honestly ...deep down, i want sleepy joe to win. So i can just start killing commies and not give a fuck because we will be lost anyway. im pretty sure he wont and we will have Trump..the fraud was so sloppy that its almost inconceivable at this point he will be named winner. ..but the Marine in me wants blood for what has been done.....a reckoning is what needs to happen. Old school style..where you leave the bodies swinging for a week or two.

I don't want Biden to win. The states will decide that. But, I expect him to eventfully move into the white house because some Trump supports were scared off by his anti-fact position on the rona.

What?, the fact that almost the whole thing is bullshit and the death rate is negligible, the fact that the lock downs are just to destroy the economy of the 1st world? Meanwhile china is open for business...The fact that the main stream media is our enemy and they spread nothing but lies and confusion? Please explain the "Anti-fact position" all fucking ears.

Thanks for pinning this. Appreciated.

Now the way he is holding girls' arms with force is telling ENOUGH. This alone is enough to recognize him for who he is.

To be fair, he's also a child sacrificing moloch cult member! Pedophilia is just the tamest part of what makes him evil.

Go big or go home!

You make it sound like being a pedophile is illegal. We're the ones truly going to heaven!! Yall are the people that killed jesus!

Currently being a pedophile is illegal. Are you claiming otherwise?

Yes. Devils advocate here, being a pedophile is not illegal. Alexander the Great was a pedophile, and the greatest mans ever