[–] PMYB2 4 points

Now who wants to name it? Idea courtesy of @owlchemy

You're trying to out-gay picman right? Name it "My husband", that way you can say you ride "My Husband" every day

[–] PMYB2 2 points

This is actually not the worst idea.....

[–] Owlchemy 3 points

Sweet ride! Have fun with this, man!

No way the @picman can keep up with this level of faggot!

Full 3hp white knuckle Chinese fury. Lean forward on acceleration to keep the front down on that crotch rocket, be careful brave man.

Oh man, I hope that doesn't blow to bits on you. Those Chinese scooters scare me. I think I'd go for an older Japanese one.

[–] PMYB2 0 point

No worries man, I've looked it over pretty well. Adjusted the carb now I need an air filter that'll allow for more air flow.

I always knew you were gayer than I am.

[–] PMYB2 2 points

I’m taking on picman for the title of king faggot.

With absolute sincerity,

And True Humility,

I ask you,

Force everyone to write a poem,

Make them write a short story,

Proclaim them true kings, of the weird and the gory,

And if no Poem,

It'll be a shit-stain,

Below him.

No contact,

No Tears,

Nothing left to lament,

But un-drank domestic beers.

Sweet, fickle, tiny, and saggy boobs,

As a FTM tranny,

You will be removed.

Suck one for tonight,

Suck two for tomorrow,

and suck three, because we live in the land,

of Bizarro,

[–] picman 2 points

That's hot. You'll look like a little bumblebee zipping around

[–] PMYB2 1 point

Damn you got me with this comment. Guess I'll have to get out the rainbow spray paint.

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