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You know there is a huge stash of blackmail material somewhere on that island on about 1/2 of the high level government workers here and in several other governments including the EU. I think they should have had Barr himself leading the search and video recording the entire search with body cams live broadcasting to the whitehouse so nothing goes missing and static bags in portable safes lined with bubble wrap to protect all drives and the entire stash protected from anyone but the IG's office or some other area that is somewhat trustworthy.

I wonder who could have taken those pictures? It wasn't that anti virus guy... it was Rusty Shackleford!!

Rusty has a jewtube channel where you can see many of these drone vids, including the FBI/NYPD raid that he posted today.

Hey Sherlock, that window looks different. See stones to the right, then see dark siding on the right in the second picture.

Have you ever done film or photography, you know sometimes it's difficult to get the very same photo even if you try. Go out today and buy yourself a camera, now try go outside and take the very same pic twice but one or two days apart. Here's an issue 1 cropping and aspect ratio, iso setting, aperature, make sure your camera / film is always on the same settings, often they are not or worse a camera 'auto corrects'. Also to get the same pic you make sure you take the shot from the very same spot, you move your camera get a different perspective. 2 Lights, the world changes, the shadows, the reflections and lights around you change all the time, the light outside will cause different color, different shade light, tone, pattern and shadows. I'm pretty sure this is the same house wall/window photographed.