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@WebOfSlime so nice to hear your voice! 😊

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Well it's nice to hear everyone's voice, but he is one of my heroes, and very intelligent too. I will never forget him, for what he did on Voat.

I got 404'ed

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Well you tried to listen after it was over. Subscribestar subscribers get it immediately after

Okay now I found it through the main sub called all. I'm so confused in my first day I got banned from a sub for "antisemitism" when I thought this was a free speech platform, and the two posts I made earlier on tvestigations I can't see them anymore like they were deleted or something idk.

Website is free speech but sub owners/moderators choose the rules for each sub. If you’ve been banned from a sub, just participate elsewhere. For instance, I’ve just banned you from /s/TheBanSub, as a way to welcome you onto the site!

Oh okay btw this one is doing the same thing as the other one I click on it and it says there's no results. It also said that for the other thread you commented on about my iceberg question asking me about the trannies.