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Unsurprisingly nobody will ever be allowed to write "nigger". Not even "hang all niggers" or anything. Just "nigger", nope, forbidden word

Maybe "fuck" is allowed, maybe

"Fuck trump" will definitely get a pass though, but not "fuck commies"

lol, you probably wouldn't even be able to get something as harmless as "support BDS" on there.

Sure you would! Simply add an M to the end there! :

"Support BDSM"


Lol. How has nobody thought to try to get BDSM banned from college campuses by calling it an anti-Semitic dog whistle?

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I can pay a nigger to shit on that wall, and they will clap, because he's black

And one of the cunts will go as far as sucking his dick to look cool


"fuck that trump nigger commie!11!"?

The new rules confuse me.

It's funny that inclusivity only actually includes the stuff they agree with.

Yeah, funny like fucking pancreatic cancer.

Well, this is your chance to put up the IOTBW flyers.