[–] Chips 2 points

Sounds like a good threesome policy. No one wants to cross swords.

edit: OK some people want to cross swords.

[–] PMYB2 1 point

It’s not gay if the balls are not touching. /s

This shit is nothing new, its older than me. Pretty much every guy I ever knew (except me) wanted a mini-harem (two or more bitches), at least a threesome, and definitely some lesbo action.

[–] PMYB2 0 point

It’s not new, but I’d say the name is.

Yep, one penis policy would qualify as a new name for the same old idea.

[–] Boone 0 point

Fuck you for making me read that. I thought it was satire at first.

[–] PMYB2 2 points

I said “you can’t make this shit up.” For a reason. It’s fucking crazy town in the world right now!