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Imagine having to ban your employees from bringing politics into the workplace? Lotta people outta work. Just fire em and hire people that show up to do their job.

At starbucks?! I expect it's pretty tough for them to attract any sane or in any way capable employees. From the last couple horrible visits [years ago now, even], they have the dumbest, rudest employees anywhere. I have literally had a better time at mcdonalds. Or even the DMV!

IDK, all the starbucks employees I've encountered are weak men with man buns and women w/ liberal arts degrees. They tend to get orders right outta terror some hobo will beat them up and shit on the floor.

Shit, I gotta go to your starbucks! I bet it's as terrible as any of them, your expectations have just been so lowered that you don't notice just how shitty they are.

I ordered a dry cappuccino and got a latte, and that's just how they pretty much are all the time now. I swear, they somehow manage to just fuck up a regular cup of coffee... and they damned well don't know how to pull espresso shots AT ALL. They actually had barista school back in the 90s and it was fun and interesting.

I had a period of unemployment between businesses one time and was totally flush with cash and got some jobs that looked like they might be fun and interesting. Starbucks was new then and it was actually fun for a few months, but then I moved on to other things, eventually getting serious again... one can only fuck around for so long before it starts to get to you mentally, in my ever-so-humble opinion.