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Ironically, for someone who became super rich by opening her mouth, she should’ve kept it closed, regardless of her beliefs.

Interesting that that is also the age range leaving the church. Maybe everything that is "good" and popular and safe to them as a whole isn't what we want to be striving for as a society. But then again I think it's not what's good, safe, popular to that whole age range, Just the loud ones. Through the Internet I have met more and more like minded women, the anti feminist, traditional women is busy taking care of her family. We try to be gentle and quiet sprites and don't believe that getting angry solves problems. The feminists are loud and angry so they may seem like the majority but I don't think they are.

I'm 20 and can tell you most of my music is not mainstream. Artists like Taylor Swift don't appeal to me. There's a few like Post Malone and Marshmello I can make an exception for.

I liked her when she first come out but not anymore.

But I pretty much only listen to the Christian radio station now although I do enjoy some other music on occasion.

I'm on the tail end of this she range.

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I'm starting to believe she was controlled opposition and she's the response to Kanye's MAGA attitude.