I have mixed feelings about this. I don't have a problem with ethnostates, but how different are the non Han? Is this like a white ethnostate saying they wouldn't want Irish or eastern Europeans?

I know some of the non Han are muslim and I don't blame the Chinese for wanting nothing to do with that.

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Even if this is a case of "no irish no eastern", what does it change in the end?

With "I don't have a problem with ethnostates"... Comes "their homeland their rules", because that's the only way, the only way for ethnostates to live together

As far as I'm concerned, saudi arabia has every right to kill its own population to the last one, foreigners on its soil included

Now of course the population and foreigners overthere have all the rights to defend themselves, but that's just my opinion

Same goes for china, or any other country

Is it cowardice on my part?

No. Even if I could stop them from doing so I wouldn't

NotMyFuckingProblemism? Absolutely