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"The freedom to articulate opinions and ideas is not without limitations and liabilities. UNLAWFUL ACTS, such as defamation and copyright infringement, are prohibited. Criminal law (Articles 137c-e) of the Netherlands also explicitly forbids hate speech. It prohibits communication that is insulting, or that incites discrimination, hatred (inc. Holocaust denial), or violence against a group on account of race, religion, belief ("levensovertuiging"), sex, heterosexual or homosexual orientation, or handicap."


Didn't see that but wow. As long as its based out of the netherlands, it cannot be a free speech site.

Not true, this statement is actually false and used by a lot of sites as a justification. Poal has been in the netherlands for 2 years almost and I haven't had problem 1 with anything that has been said. If it ever did I would move it.