It's less about speed and more about consistency. Good to see he's interacting more.

Why are they so butthurt that we left? It is a site with no leadership or direction and is just angry fags screaming jew all day every day like a fucking mad house.

[–] Ivan 5 points

Good. I hope both sites will be better.

[–] chronos 2 points

Yes. They can label us whiners, but I think we were the wake up call that putt needed and seems to have worked. Has not been a week long outage since some of users very vocally migrated to poal, stating our reasons why (mostly due to putt).

For me, I am glad he is "back" and keeping the site going. Free speech is important. But do I trust him to keep it going for another extended period? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.....

guess Poal is the villain they need

[–] Ivan 3 points

I feel like SBBH is pushing hard for the hatred and the rivalry (if you look at searchvoat). The bitterness of our admins towards putts hasn't helped. Personally I don't have any beef with Voat or its users and I hope our userbase doesn't get sucked into the animosity on (((someone else's))) whim.