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My comment:

Original letter:

TLDR: Scandal last year: Apple uses human contractors to listen to recordings made by Siri. Some are voiced without the "Hey Siri" command and VERY private matters can be heard: people talking about cancer, relatives, drugs, having sex.

Whistleblower, Thomas Le Bonniec decides to publicly breach his NDA contract after no action was taken: neither by authorities, nor Apple, according to his sources.

Juicy bit:

Furthermore, other workers were employed on another project (called “Development data”). In the context of this project, words were tagged in the recordings to be linked to users' data, such as their phone contacts, locations, or music. In other words, staff assigned to the project had access to personal user information, and used it to be able to link it to Siri commands. This means that users' playlists, contact details, notes, calendars, photos, maps, etc. were gathered in huge data sets, ready to be exploited by Apple for other projects.

This is TOP TIER breach of law, morality and common sense. And shows how much data these giants already accumulated.