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This will be fucking amazing. Especially since several clients already in the Google and Apple app stores are gonna work with it. Silicon Valley app store owners be shittin' their pants any second lol.

Also TBH, Mastodon's official Twitter account is pretty damn toxic and even blocked Sandia Mesa's Twitter account.

They blocked you? Wow.

Yeah. Those Mastodon folks seem to be big extreme-leftist idiots.

Well, it's great that Gab's gonna fork it honestly. And moreover, that Gab is embracing open-source so much as of recent.

Who the fuck cares about gab? It's an FBI/Mossad phishing site. Great graphics that don't actually work because they're government employees.

nobody gives damn about twitter or mastodon since these are just messaging systems i.e. absolutely useless for blogging and social networking. useful only for losers oops i mean users of mobile phones.

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I've never heard of "mastodon."

edit: is this post a clever trick to mention mastodon on social media so people talk about it? This is absolutely the first time I have ever heard of it or read about it.

I use a mobile phone, but not the way my daughter and her boyfriend do. I'm too old and my thumbs are too fat.